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Be Safe! Be Respectful! Be Responsible! Schoolwide Rules

Dress Code

Be Safe

  • Wear regular shoes, no roller-skate shoes


  • Wear flat shoes that cover toes and heels


  • Wear pants and shirts that fit appropriately


  • Wear stud earrings only

Be Respectful

  • Wear clothing that covers bare midriffs


  • Wear shorts and skirts that cover to mid-thighs


  • Show respect by taking hood off in class



Be Responsible

  • Wear clothing that is neat, clean, and modest


  • Label sweaters and jackets with student’s full name


  • Wear school uniform, show school pride



Be Safe

  • Walk to and from play area


  • Be aware of activities around you


  • Use playground equipment appropriately

Be Respectful

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship


  • Include everyone


  • Wait your turn


  • Respect plants and trees


  • Keep campus clean by picking up trash


  • Listen to area supervisors

Be Responsible

  • Play in assigned areas


  • Take care of playground equipment


  • Use school equipment only


  • Freeze and stop playing when the flags are waved


  • Walk to line when the whistle is blown


  • Return all playground equipment promptly


Hallways/passing areas

Be Safe

  • Always walk facing forward


  • Watch for opening doors
  • Walk in the middle of the hallway


  • 0pen doors slowly


  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

Be Respectful

  • Use a quiet, whisper voice


  • Respond appropriately when spoken to by adults

Be Responsible

  • Keep hallways clean and quiet



Be Safe

  • Walk facing forward


  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

Be Respectful

  • Listen and look for adult directions


  • Appreciate performance with applause only


  • Be attentive and polite to speaker and/or performers


  • Stay seated at all times

Be Responsible

  • Leave auditorium the way you found it


  • Use restrooms before and after



Be Safe

  • Keep feet on the floor


  • Keep water in the sink and toilet


  • Walk with a partner to the restroom


  • Put paper towels in trash can

Be Respectful

  • Give people privacy


  • Use quiet voices


  • Use bathroom only when needed

Be Responsible

  • Flush toilet once after each use


  • Return to classroom promptly


  • Report any accidents or problems such as lack of supplies or flooding


  • Wash hands


  • Use restroom during recess and lunch



Be Safe

  • Walk when carrying food


  • Sit with feet on floor, bottom on bench and facing table


  • Keep all food in cafeteria area


  • Keep all food to yourself and on your tray

Be Respectful

  • Use quiet voices


  • Use polite speech (i.e. please, thank you)

Be Responsible

  • Keep area clean


  • Stay in your assigned table


  • Raise hand and wait to be excused


  • Throw away your trash