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Building Effective Schools Together

Building Effective Schools Together


Two issues are constant challenges to effective education: academics and discipline. Students who are well behaved promote the learning process for themselves and others in the classroom. Students who are not well behaved impede the learning process for themselves and others.


It is the conviction of our parents, teachers, and administrators that students behave more responsibly and are more successful at school if these guidelines are followed:


  • Establish rules and specific directions that clearly define the limits of acceptable and unacceptable student behavior.
  • Teach students to consistently follow these guidelines to choose to behave responsibly throughout the school day.
  • Provide students with consistent positive encouragement and recognition when they do behave. All children are eager for positive words of encouragement and praise.
  • Education is a cooperative effort between teacher, student, parents and administrators. By working together all our children will succeed.


Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible School-Wide Rules is the result of thought and work on the part of parents, teachers and administrators. It is our belief that part of every child’s development includes self-discipline and knowledge of school rules, adopted for the majority, are to be recognized and obeyed by all. Further, it is our belief that this kind of discipline is a forerunner to an adult’s responsibility to recognize and obey local ordinances, state and federal laws.


We ask that each parent read and review all items with their children. We suggest that time, thought, and discussion of these items with children will lead to the highest standards for our school.


The school will notify parents when children are having problems in any of these areas. We expect parents to cooperate with the school in promoting these responsibilities with each of their children. This cooperation will result in a better education and school for everyone.


Any student who does not adhere to school-wide rules or engages in unsafe or disruptive activities shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. The administration will make the final decision in cases that are questionable.