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Caught Being Good Program

Beginning on Monday, August 31st , 2015 we will begin our Playground and Lunch Pavilion Incentive Program. The following rules were discussed during the Discipline Assembly:


Caught Being Good School- Wide Rules


Examples of Responsible Behavior


Lunch Pavilion


Line – Up Procedures

1. Line up in an orderly fashion and walk to the cafeteria to pick up your tray.

1. WALK at all times


1.  Students must get in line order (if teacher has one)

2. REMAIN seated until dismissed by an ADULT

2.You will STAY in your PLAY AREA


2. Students must stand quietly with their hands and feet to themselves.

3. You must NOT scream, yell, or throw FOOD at any time

3. Keep your hands to YOURSELF at ALL times

3. Students are expected to NOT to run to their line.

4. YOU are responsible for cleaning up YOUR trash and dumping it in the recycling, composting containers.

4.  Students will walk all equipment to the Ball box.


5. YOU are to WALK at all times




Students who demonstrate responsible behavior mentioned above will earn a Caught Being Good Buck for their class.  There will be a 2 minute grace period before coupons are given out so that all students have time to walk to their line.


Students with sufficient Caught Being Good Bucks who have not had discipline problems will be invited to the next Caught Being Good Dance Party!