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Home & Garden Tour

On Sunday, May 21, 2015 we are planning to have the first Carthay School Home & Garden Tour! Tickets will go on sale in April, 2015.


We plan to have participants begin their evening at Carthay Elementary School, with a food vendors in the yard (we'll invite Bloom Cafe, Sky's Tacos, and other local restaurants), with booths or displays about the history of the school and of the neighborhood, and a speaker, perhaps from the Historical Society to talk about the rich history of Carthay Circle and Carthay Center Elementary School. 


The first stop of the tour will be a walk through the Ramona Court gate, through the park across Commodore Sloat Court and San Vicente to the corner park where the statue of Dan the Miner dates back to 1924. We'll arrange for safe passage for pedestrians across those streets. 


The tour will then go to 6 or more houses and gardens in the Carthay Circle and Wilshire Vista neighborhoods. We'll try to have some of the houses within walking distance of the school, and to have the Wilshire Vista houses within walking distance of each other, so tour participants don't need to do a lot of driving and parking. Or we could try to arrange a shuttle, or even pedicabs. Our realtor sponsors, Morgan Real Estate and Ned Brown of Teles Properties, will help us identify homes for the home and garden tour. In some cases, only the garden will be open for the tour, in others, one or more rooms in the home will be open for the tour. 


Read about the history and architectural styles of the neighborhood in the Carthay Circle HPOZ Preservation Plan


If you would like to help organize the Home and Garden Tour, please contact Naomi Cohen. 

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