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Important Contacts
Contact Rosa Bermudez  Rosa Bermudez (323) 935-8173 Office Technician
Contact Lela Choi  Lela Choi Magnet Coordinator
Contact Ricardo Frano-Renteria  Ricardo Frano-Renteria School Administrative Assistant
Contact Sharon Hall-Johnson  Sharon Hall-Johnson (323) 935-8173 Principal

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Parent Resources

A Blueprint for Carthay

This document was mailed to incoming families in August 2015. 

Contents include the following:

  1. General Rules/Information
  2. Staff Roster
  3. School Goals & Student Expectations
  4. Morning Rules
  5. Attendance Rules
  6. Recess Rules
  7. Bathroom Rules
  8. Lunch Rules
  9. Money Rules
  10. After-School Rules
  11. School Uniform Policy
  12. Parent Volunteer Policy
  13. Bell Schedule
  14. Dates to Remember
  15. 2015-2016 Instructional Calendar
  16. Calendar of Events

Room Parent Info

If you are a room parent,

If you want to be a room parent, or

If you are not a room parent and are looking to contact your child's room parent,

... Contact Room Parent Coordinator Sonia Rico

Breakfast in the Classroom

Breakfast is served, free of charge, to all students who would like to eat each morning at the beginning of class. Many teachers use this time for appropriate learning activities such as watching and discussing a segment of CNN Student News

Click HERE for more information about Breakfast in the Classroom. 

Recess Rules

  • Teachers must walk all students to and from the play yard.
  • Students may eat snacks at the lunch benches only. Food may not be eaten on the yard.
  • Students will play scheduled games and remain in assigned areas only.
  • Students may not play the following games during recess: football, softball, fighting and chasing games, and wrestling.
  • Students will exhibit good sportsmanlike conduct and use appropriate game rules.
  • Quiet games may be played at the lunch benches.
  • Students MUST use the bathroom and get water during recess, NOT during class time. Students who need to leave class to use the restroom more frequently should provide the teacher with an explanatory doctor's note.
  • All activity must stop when the “freeze” bell rings. Students must freeze and wait for the second bell. After the second bell, students must walk to their line-up area.

Lunch Menu and Rules

Children can bring their lunch or buy lunch from the cafeteria. The menu is available HERE. Free and reduced lunches are available for families who qualify. ALL PARENTS should apply for the lunch program each year, to help the school qualify for additional funding.  

Lunch Rules:

  • Teacher MUST walk with students to the lunch area.
  • Students who bring a sack lunch should go straight to their classroom's assigned lunch benches.
  • Students who eat cafeteria lunch must walk with their teacher to the assigned lunch line waiting area.
  • Students must wait quietly in line for their lunches, and wait until they are dismissed to enter the cafeteria.
  • At the lunch benches, students must use appropriate table manners:
    • Use soft voices and be polite.
    • Eat at your assigned benches only.
    • Keep tables and ground neat and clean.
    • Do not throw food.
    • Eat and drink your own food ONLY!
    • Follow school recycling rules.
    • Do not take any food onto the yard.
  • Students may consume only their own food to avoid any possible health reactions, such as food allergies.
  • Parents who obtain a permit from the office to visit their children during lunch must respect all school lunch rules. Cafeteria food is for children only.
  • Please do not bring the following items to school in your lunch:
    • Glass containers
    • Meals that need to be microwaved
    • Candy or gum
    • Soda
    • Metal silverware (plastic utensils are acceptable)
  • Students MUST WAIT to be dismissed by the lunch supervisors. Students will not be dismissed until their classroom's lunch area is clean.
  • Student must bring a sack lunch or purchase lunch from the cafeteria everyday.
  • Students or parents can pay in advance for multiple meals at the cafeteria so students don't need to bring lunch money daily. Full priced lunch is $2.00. Reduced price, for those who qualify, is 40 cents. 
  • All students must remain in their assigned lunch eating area until they are dismissed by a noon supervisor.
  • Students must use the bathroom and get water during lunch play time (before the bell rings).
  • All activity must stop when the “freeze” bell rings. Students must freeze and wait for the second bell to ring. After the second bell rings, students must walk to the line-up area.
  • Students may not play the following games during lunch recess: football, softball, fighting and chasing games, and wrestling.
  • Students will exhibit good sportsmanlike conduct and use appropriate game rules.
  • Students must go directly from the eating areas to their assigned playground areas, not to their classrooms.

Student Interventions

Carthay teachers are all trained to provide differentiated instruction in the classroom, so that students who are a little behind or a little ahead are educated at the level appropriate for them.

In addition, there are opportunities for students who are behind or ahead to receive specialized instruction outside the classroom. For students identified as Gifted and Talented, there is a weekly pull-out class taught by STAR Education.

For students who are a little behind in reading, math, or other subjects there are a variety of interventions offered at Carthay. Some students are assigned to work in small groups with a teacher or teacher's aid in the Learning Center. Some students who are behind grade level in reading are assigned a volunteer reading partner from Reading Partners

Our Resource Specialist for students who already have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), or who may need to be assessed for an IEP, is Lauren Lorman

All parents and community members are encouraged to help Carthay students through these various volunteer opportunities. Some require a weekly commitment; others are flexible and allow for drop-ins when your schedule permits. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a gift to the entire community. The Carthay School PTA needs your participation to support our community school and empower the administration, teachers and students to experience an education that goes beyond the borders of traditional learning. We have a community so richly steeped in diversity, knowledge and talent. It is our responsibility to capitalize on these resources to the benefit of our children.

The Carthay School PTA works very closely with Magnet Coordinator Lela Choi, the Volunteer Coordinator at Carthay, to ensure that our efforts meet the needs of the school. We strive to emulate the philosophy instilled by our school principal, Ms. Hall-Johnson, and the teachers at Carthay. Our common goal is to provide educational excellence in a nurturing, creative and discovery filled environment. Our deepest desire is that our children will leave Carthay having fulfilled their individual potentials.

Most of the volunteer activities do NOT require specialized skills in so much as they require a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, a dab of flexibility and the desire to work with others. The opportunity to participate for an hour, a day, or more is available. We will work with you to find the activity or project that best fits your schedule, fulfills your desires, and offers you the reward of having made a difference. I'm here to help you find your role, and when you do find it, you'll be glad you did.


Valet Drop Zone


We're always in need of smiling faces to volunteer (less than an hour of your time!) at the valet drop off. So, if you've had the occasion to use this service or are looking for a quick, convenient way to support our school community, please contact fellow parent Leslie Bass to volunteer!

Volunteers Read to Carthay Kids


Among the wonderful volunteers who visit Carthay each week are employees of City National Bank and volunteers from Koreh LA  and Reading Partners. Volunteers sit down with students to help create enthusiastic readers. We can always use more reading volunteers! Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or community members are all welcome to participate! See the Community Partners page for more details. 


Homework Club


Homework Club is Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour, usually 2-3 pm on Tuesdays and 3-4 pm on Thursdays. It is not difficult - you can do this! It directly improves the children's lives. You do not have to commit long-term. Sarah Hooks coordinates the Homework Club volunteer list and sends an email every Sunday to see who can make it for the coming week. The more grownups we have the better, because these kids really need and deserve one-on-one help. And if you know any high school kids who need Community Service hours, this would be great for them.

Gardening Angels


If you'd like to help in our garden, please contact our amazing Carthay Garden Chairperson, Teresa Dahl or our Master Gardener, Louisa Cardenas. See the Garden Partners page for more details. 

Dress Code

  • Carthay has adopted uniforms as the preferred dress.
  • For details of this voluntary program - and shopping suggestions- please read the Carthay Center School Uniform Policy and review the illustrated example. (If this document doesn't open, you will need to install the Adobe Reader, which is a free download.) Note that denim pants or skirts, without rips or decorations, are also permitted with an appropriate uniform top.
  •  Lea por favor Las Normas de Uniformes Escolares del Centro de Carthay y mire el cuadro del ejemplo.
  • Students are welcome to wear college shirts on Thursdays instead of the school uniform, and can wear school spirit clothes (e.g., Carthay Cubs T-shirts) on Fridays.
  • Opt-Out paperwork is available in the main office.

Homework Hotline

Carthay Center School's Homework Hotline is an interactive, computerized telephone system. Using any touchtone telephone, you can call to receive information about your child's homework assignments and upcoming school events. Simply dial (323) 930-1872. When you hear the message, you may listen to the entire message, or you may dial your classroom's three digit code immediately.

Bathroom Rules

Use the designated bathrooms appropriately. It is unfortunate that we have to specify these behaviors, but in the past students have abused the bathrooms.

  • Keep the bathrooms clean.
  • Use paper towels for drying hands only.
  • Use toilet paper for its intended purpose only.
  • No standing on the toilets.
  • Respect the privacy of others. This means only one person at a time in each stall and no looking over or under the stalls.
  • Do not loiter in or around the bathroom area.
  • Knock on stall door before entering.

Money Rules

  • Students should not bring more than one or two dollars to school, in general.
  • Students MAY NOT purchase food or drinks from the teachers' lounge at school, per the district junk food policy.
  • Students MAY NOT give money to or accept money from other students.

Carthay PTA

There’s a lot going on with the Carthay Elementary PTA!  The Carthay Elementary PTA is a supportive financial resource for the enrichment programs and other educational and academic needs at Carthay in addition to being a wonderful community of parents and teachers.  Carthay PTA raises money via fundraisers throughout the school year.  If you have not joined the Carthay PTA, please do!  Membership is only $8 per person and forms are available in the front office or the Parent Center and on this website.   Be a part of the GREAT in your children's education.  Supporting your PTA is supporting all of the children at Carthay!  For more info, go to the PTA page. 

Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy Rules:

Carthay Center Elementary has a adopted school-wide uniform policy. We strongly encourage that your child wears a uniform. Not only is this easier and less expensive for you, but it also creates a sense of community and keeps the children focused on learning rather than what they are wearing. Students must wear:

  • navy blue bottoms, dresses, or jumpers
  • light blue, white, or navy blue tops with collars and sleeves
  • all dress must cover undergarments
  • closed-toed, appropriate footwear with socks must be warn at all times; no heels or platforms

You may purchase the uniforms at any department store and Target.

Students are expected to keep themselves clean, well-groomed, and neatly dressed at all times.

The uniform policy will be enforced Monday through Friday during the school term by the principal and teaching staff. Students are expected to wear a uniform daily, with exceptions noted below.

  • Every Thursday is College T-Shirt Day. If students do not come in a college t-shirt, they must wear uniforms as usual.
  • Every Friday is Carthay Spirit Day. Students and staff are encouraged to wear Carthay gear, including their blue and yellow Carthay shirts. 
  • Students may wear appropriate "dress-up" clothes for picture days, and school-wide performances.

Morning Rules

  • Students may not be dropped off at school before 7:55am.
  • Students may not be dropped off in the staff parking lot due to safety concerns.
  • Parents driving their children to school should drop off students at the Carrillo Drive gate to the playground. 
  • School begins promptly at 8:20am for grades K through 5.
  • Students should arrive between 7:55am and 8:15am so they can walk with their teacher to their classroom. 
  • Students who arrive at school after 8:20 am can report directly to the classroom up until 8:35 am. The Teacher will mark the student TARDY.
  • Students who arrive at school after 8:35am MUST check in the office for a LATE slip.
  • By Law, excessive tardiness MUST be reported to the Truant Office. Students who are late more than 30 minutes three or more times in a school year will be reported to the Student Truant Office.
  • Students may not play sports or games in the morning before school. Students must remain near their designated line-up area until the bell rings.
  • When the bell rings, students must walk to the class line and wait quietly until their teacher arrives.
  • Students may not be inside the building without an adult or a permission slip for any reason.
  • Students may not go to their classrooms without their teacher.
  • On rainy days, students should go directly to the auditorium and stay there until they are dismissed to their teacher.

Attendance Rules

  • Students should arrive at school by 8:15am to allow time to walk with their teacher to the classroom. 
  • Students who arrive at school after 8:20am can report directly to the classroom up until 8:35 am. The Teacher will mark the student TARDY.
  • Students who arrive at school after 8:35am MUST check in the office for a LATE slip.
  • Students who arrive after 8:20am must check in at the office for a late pass.
  • By law, excessive tardiness must be reported to the truant office. Students who are late more than three times in a school year will be reported to the student truant office.
  • By law, children must be in school unless they are ill, in bereavement, or attending a scheduled medical appointment.
  • When students are absent, parents must keep current on all classroom and homework assignments, activities, news and special projects.
  • When a child returns to school following an absence, s/he must bring a note that:
    • Explains why the child was absent
    • Gives the date(s) of absence
    • Is signed by a parent/guardian

School Rules


  • Children will follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Children will keep their hands, feet, and other objects to themselves.
  • Children will respect themselves, and treat others with respect, courtesy, and consideration.
  • Children will respect and obey all school personnel.
  • Children will not use abusive language or obscene gestures per harassment policy.
  • Children will be responsible for school property and materials, and will treat them with care and respect.
  • Children will attend school daily, arrive on time, and remain in assigned areas during the school day.
  • Children will walk at all times while on the school grounds, except during organized play.
  • Running, “horseplay,” chasing, fighting games and wrestling are not permitted.
  • Children will leave all personal property (such as toys of any kind, skateboards, radios, Gameboys, and Walkmans, etc.) at home, unless written authorization is provided by the teacher.
  • Children may bring a sack lunch and/or snack for their recess period. Candy, gum, chips and soda are not permitted at snack. Chips may be included as a part of the lunch, however Hot Cheetos are not allowed.
  • Children will do their best work at all times, which includes completing all classroom and homework assignments.
  • Children and parents will keep up-to-date on current school work and school news by checking backpacks daily for newsletters, flyers, and other school communication.
  • Conferences with teachers must be scheduled before or after school. Classes are scheduled from 8:20am to 2:45pm.


After School Rules

  • Dismissal time for Grades K-5 is
    • 2:44pm on Regular days (M, W, Th, F)
    • 1:44pm on Tuesdays 
    • 2:09pm on Shortened days
    • 12:49pm on Minimum days
  • All students K-5 will be walked to the yard by their teachers. They must remain with their teacher until the dismissal bell rings.
  • Students in grades 1-5 should exit through the Commodore Sloat or the Carrillo Drive gate. Students should not leave school through the building!
  • Kindergarten dismissal is from the kindergarten gate on Olympic Blvd. 
  • Brothers and sisters should meet on the yard, not at each other's classrooms.
  • Students must take all belongings with them before leaving the classroom to go home. Students and parents will not be permitted to reenter the building to retrieve belongings.
  • Students who are not picked up immediately after school should go to the playground supervision area or STAR Program or Beyond the Bell Coaches program, if registered. Students are not to stay on the playground unsupervised.
  • Waiting on the front steps or playing on the grass in front of the school is not safe or acceptable.
  • Students who are in an after school program must be picked up by 6:00pm. If Youth Services cannot contact a parent or guardian at that time, then the Wilshire Division Police Station will be called.


Summer Camp and Summer School Options

If you're wondering what to do with your child for the summer, there are lots of options in Los Angeles!  Here are just a few options:

(NOTE: Prices and other details are from Summer 2015, some of them may have changed)

  • STAR Camps. Over 30 different award-winning camps at various schools. Prices vary (usually $240-295 per week). Grades K-6. 
  • STAR EcoStation Camp. $68 per day, $340 per week. 10101 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City. Grades 1-6. 
  • The Enrichment Center Summer Camp. $85 per week, field trip (Tuesdays) included. Closest location: Wilshire Crest Elementary, 5421 W Olympic Blvd. Ages 4-13.
  • Steve and Kate's Camp. $75 - $95 per day (includes lunch, snacks, and extended hours), financial aid available. "Our camp conforms to kids." Flexible scheduling. Multiple locations. Pre-K - 7th Grade.
  • JCamp at the Westside JCC. 5870 W. Olympic Blvd. $390 per week. Grades K-5. 
  • JAG Gym Summer Camp. 8640 Hayden Place, Culver City. $84 per DAY and up. Ages 3 and up.
  • Fitness by the Sea. $70-$85 per day. Multiple locations. Flexible scheduling. Ages 4-14.
  • Camp YADA (Youth Academy Dramatic Arts). 2016 Productions are "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" and "Hairspray." 8115 W. 3rd Street. $425 per week (2 weeks per camp). Ages 5-18. (And Tots Camps for ages 3-5)
  • Adventures in Nature at the Natural History Museum. $300 per week for non-members; discounts and scholarships available. Grades K-8. Some sessions are at Page Museum (La Brea Tar Pits). 
  • Hands-On Science Camp at the California ScienCenter. Prices vary ($160-$340 for non-members). Grades PreK-8. 
  • Los Angeles Drama Club at The Lyric Theater, 520 N. La Brea. Shakespeare in the City is FREE for Residents of District 10. Grades 2-8.
  • Garden School Foundation's City Seedlings Summer Camp at 24th Street Elementary, 2055 W. 24th Street. $350 per week. Ages 6-13. 
  • Marlborough Summer School. 250 South Rossmore Avenue. Tuition for the 5-week Morning Period courses begins at $435 (so that's $87 per week). Tuition for Afternoon classes is $765 and up for 5-week courses (so that's $153 per week). Grades K-12. 
  • LACMA Art Camp.  $330 per week. Ages 6-13. 
  • UCLA Recreation Summer Camps. For UCLA affiliates only (for example, a parent is members of UCLA Alumni Association.