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Community Partners

Reading Partners

Reading Partners is a national education nonprofit dedicated to improving students’ reading skills. Reading Partners works in Title I elementary schools to support students from low-income communities who are reading 1 month to 2.5 years below grade-level.  Community volunteers are trained to work one-on-one with students for 45 minutes twice a week, following a structured, research-based curriculum.

Based on a data analysis of the impact of the program, Reading Partners has identified their "target population" as students in Kinder-4th grade who do not have an IEP (students with an IEP are usually already receiving additional, more individualized services delivered by a trained expert who has more impact than community volunteers that participate in Reading Partners). Students who are not in the target population may also participate in the program if volunteers are available, and, in the case of students with IEPs, if the teacher, principal, and resource specialist agree the program would be a good fit for the student.

Students are generally referred to Reading Partners by their teacher. If you believe your child would benefit from Reading Partners, the first step should be to speak to your child's teacher. ​

If you would like to be a Reading Partner volunteer at Carthay, you can sign up by filling out this form. Select Carthay from the drop-down menu.