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Mr. V

Digital Resources
Welcome to My First Grade Class 

This is our amazing First Grade class. It will be another wonderful year for our young children as they start to immerse in an environment where they can learn great things in various academic disciplines.

Our Class Garden
  We grow flowering plants in our class garden.
Mr. V

I am Rodolfo Rodriguez-Vinluan, fondly called by my students, parents, and colleagues as Mr. V. I have been teaching  for the past 13 years at LAUSD , which includes my teaching career at Carthay since 2012. I have taught all grade levels as a substitute and  permanent teacher in various LAUSD schools. Carthay is where I have grown and flourished in my teaching profession. I began my career doing the SRLDP program as a Preschool teacher, then moving on to teach Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K), Expanded Transitional Kindergarten (ETK), Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Kindergarten (K), and First Grade.

I am continuing to teach  First Grade for school year 2020-2021.  As we start the new school year on a virtual platform this fall, I am excited to help my first graders achieve their learning goals through digital applications that will further their academic advancement.

My vision is for my students to grow exponentially on their reading and mathematical skills as they learn new skills and knowledge over time in this grade. I want to take part in their academic growth in other core subjects as well and to mold their young minds in developing their citizenship skills as well as enhancing their social and emotional well-being.

I have set as one of my well-cherished tenets in the education field to keep on challenging my students, so they become more prepared and enthused. With this being said, my school parents have always acquiesced with me to challenge their children academically, so they can thrive in a learning environment that ushers in hope, fires up their imagination, and shapes their minds.

I believe in the adage that "it takes a village to educate a child".  At this juncture, I do appreciate the strong and great partnership of our First Grade parents. We will make it work for your children to succeed in school and in life itself.