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Executive Board



My name is Devon Barnes (AKA Alicia), my husband Bryan and I have one son in 2nd Grade and one son that will join Carthay in about 3 years.  We chose Carthay as our son’s school because of the amazing garden and active PTA. I hope to continue the PTA support and build membership while getting our events throughout the year to be extra special!  

Leslie Bass


My name is Leslie Bass, my daughter is in the 4th grade and has been attending Carthay since kindergarten.

I have been active in the PTA for the past 5 years and have served on the board for 4 years. In previous years I served as VP of membership but found my passion in helping parents and children with special needs. I initiated the Special Education PTA (SEPTA) 3 years ago in order to ease the frustrations of parents while seeking services for their children.  SEPTA provides resources and supports to help parents navigate all systems of special needs.

My goal is to encourage parents to get involved, actively advocate for their children and persistently promote inclusion for all students.




My name is Alexandra Callas, but kids, of course, call me “Erik’s mom” which is accurate as I, indeed, am a mom of a 4th grader Erik, Mrs Cronyn’s student.

It’s our 2nd year at Carthay, and our (almost) 3-d year in the United States. We moved to Los Angeles from Moscow, Russia.

We’re not residing in the neiborhood, so it takes us a while to get to/from school every day, but we’re happy to do this. Because you’ll hardly find another school with such a diverse student/teachers body, where every ethnic, racial, cultural, social, religious group is respected, welcomed and safe. And this school teaches kids (and their parents) to perform better care on the environment. Thats why we chose Carthay.

I started volunteering in the first place because my son didn’t speak a word in English. It was a year ago. I can hardly believe it now:-)! So, I simply wanted to be around, to make sure he’s being understood if he needs anything, and to help him to adjust to a totally new environment (new school, American education system, English speaking world, new mates).

But then I quickly realized that I’m there not only for my own kid. I’m there at all times for all of them. I love kids, most of the students know me, and their precious, most adorable smiles inspire me in everything I do. Their trust and friendship makes me work on being a better person every day. At first I panicked a little bit: I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to volunteering for a long term, so I assured everyone in charge that “I’m only doing this for 2-3 weeks, so please don’t expect too much from me!” 10 months later I realized that, somehow, I’ve been almost an every day car line volunteer; one of the most commited Parent Center volunteers; a room parent in my son’s class; a breakfast parent in my kids’ class; VP of ELAC (English Learners Committee)… I found priceless human connections at school, friends that I can’t now imagine myself without, and, through the school and knowledge and tips that I’ve got from other parents, I slowly have become a true member of an American society, which for me and my kid as immigrants is so essential.

 And now I’m honored and happy to have our PTA members’ trust to serve as a VP Membership this year, along with an amazing mom of 2 Carthay students, Danielle Davis; to work with a team of passionate people and to make Carthay a strong community every day.

Please, join us, lets get to know each other and become the best support for our kids!




My name is Caterina Mercante. My twin sons are in 1st grade at Carthay.
I'm pleased to serve on the PTA board this year. Last year, I was co-room parent in Mr. V and Ms. P kindergarten classes and assisted with the annual talent show.  I hope to explore new ideas to help make Carthay an even more exceptional school in the areas of creativity, art and science.




This is my fourth year at Carthay, third year on the PTA board, second year as PTA President.  I have a daughter in 3rd grade and a son in TK.  I have very much enjoyed meeting and working with parents, teachers, and Principal Hall-Johnson to help strengthen the vibrant Carthay community.  


Bryan Bethem


My name is Bryan Bethem. After 2 quick years as a both a parent at Carthay and as a member of the PTA, I will luckily serve as a member of the board this year. My wife and I chose Carthay for our son (a 2nd grader) for a few reasons; the amazing garden, excellent kinder yard, engaged teachers, and the amazing, dedicated, and supportive PTA.  You will see us around after school most days, as leaving Carthay can create quite the tantrum from my 7 year old and my 1 year old both.



As a multi-tasking working mom and wife, I’ve been a part of the Carthay family for the last three years. My dynamic daughter Tyler is an eager second grader this year and my energetic son Mark II is the sweetest little incoming ETK student ready to join the Carthay community! I have a lot of love and dedication to Carthay. Whether helping to create decorations for our school events, volunteering in the classroom or serving pizza at the Science Fair, I’m always willing to lend a helping hand to support my amazing school. I love a challenge and I'm looking forward to helping make this an awesome school year for our Carthay families. 



I am the proud mom of Ellie, a second grader, and Nico, a preschooler, who keep me on my toes on a daily basis. It is incredibly rewarding for me to participate in school events as a volunteer because I get to see first hand the impact parent involvement has on a child’s school experience. In my spare time, I enjoy crafting and being creative.  I consider myself a TV junkie who is always looking for more shows to add to my DVR. This is our third year at Carthay and we could not be any happier with the curriculum, community and amazing teachers we have found at Carthay. We have met some wonderful people and cannot wait to meet more of you to work together in making this a very successful school year. 



My name is Sonia Rico. I have two children at Carthay. Eva is in 3rd grade and Sebastian is in kindergarten. I enjoy volunteering at school, and substituting. Once again I look forward to another great year as part of the Carthay school family!