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Carthay School of Environmental Studies Magnet

The Carthay School of Environmental Studies Magnet combines the sciences and the humanities in an educational program centered on society and the environment, dedicated to creating ecologically responsible citizens of the world

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Letter from Principal Sharon Hall-Johnson, July 2015
Read Principal Hall-Johnson's welcome letter for the 2015-2016 school year HERE.  Continue
Posted by: Tyson Roberts
Published: 7/23/15

Physical Additions and Enhancements at Carthay
In addition to rolling out its new Environmental Studies curriculum, Carthay is undergoing a physical transformation as well. 

Last year, we started the school year with a computer lab filled with new computers. Over the course o... Continue
Posted by: Tyson Roberts
Published: 7/23/15

Carthay 5th Graders Learn Science at Sea and Sail on Tall Ships
On May 29-31, a highlight of Carthay's 5th Grade culminating activities was a weekend field trip to the Science at Sea program at Point Fermin Outdoor Educational Center in San Pedro. 

After spending Friday night at the cente... Continue
Posted by: Tyson Roberts
Published: 6/1/15

Apply to Carthay!

Students within the traditional Carthay boundaries may enroll at any time but are required to complete a Choices application for grades 1-5. Students outside the traditional boundaries can apply for grades 1-5 with a Choices application and are admitted based on magnet points and availability. "Ontime Applications" for the following year become available in October and are due November 14. After the November deadline, students can use the "Space Available Application." Once a student is enrolled in the Carthay magnet (grades 1-5), no future eChoices applications are necessary.

Kindergarten students in the traditional boundaries are guaranteed admission and can apply in the spring; kindergarten students outside the traditional boundaries can apply if there is space available and they obtain a waiver from their home school. 

Take a Tour of Carthay!

Magnet tours for Carthay will be scheduled in October and early November. Kindergarten tours will be scheduled in the spring. The school will arrange for relaxed parking in the immediate neighborhood.

Click here to sign up for future tour information and other updates about Carthay.